About Us

We define ourselves as an anti-fascist, feminist and anti-capitalist group. We oppose all forms of anti-semitism, racism, sexism, and queerphobia. We are collectively organized and make decisions based on consensus.

Our consultation

Our services are aimed at people, groups and organizations who are committed to a society built on solidarity without exploitation and discrimination, and who identify with our mission. In our office hours, everyone should feel valued and taken seriously.

Our goal is not to decree from on high which tools and methods for dealing with technology are safe/correct or unsafe/wrong. Instead, we want to share our knowledge and experiences on equal footing so that others can make this assessment in a self-determined way for their own use case and according to their own needs.

Unfortunately, too much of the technology we use every day is not as secure or privacy-friendly as it should be and, in a worst-case scenario, could easily be misused as a tool of surveillance.1 However, there is no reason to bury our heads in the sand and switch to carrier pigeons. We believe in an informed approach to technology.

We advocate the use of free and open source software, and will generally only recommend such software. However, this does not mean that we claim that leftist activists should abstain from proprietary software.